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    While he is currently barred from leaving China, renowned artist and activist Ai Weiwei has been working on “@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz” since his release from prison in 2011. Incarcerated for his politically outspoken artwork, Ai used his experience as fuel for a unique exhibition that fills the historical former prison and military fortress with site-specific installations that draw attention to human rights crises worldwide. Orchestrated remotely with the help of San Francisco-based curator Cheryl Haines and legions of volunteers, the exhibition is as much a spectacle as it is an educational experience. See more exclusive photos on Hi-Fructose.

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    Joachim Lehrer knows the reality and chooses the dreams. He drove lorries for his living in two years of business. After that he studied electrical engineering, changed to the realm of german philology, history of art and rhetoric, began to work in the silence, since 1983 he lives as free artist.

    He paints minute: exact, patient, carefully. He applies glazes, layer by layer with transparent stale. Not a layer covers another.

    Light will be catched, depth convey. Mobile technic is an object, however his automotices reached their final destination. Wrecks in photo realistic nature? Certainly not, Lehrers nature derive from a fairy world. Past masterly he paints with details, combines with fantastic landscapes: surreal, odd, gorgeous.


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    Face Off - Mister Thoms 2014

    Photos: Marzia di Nicola

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    Series of insects we made for IGEPA Benelux, we made these insects out of used and recycled paper. - Coming Soon

    Creative director: Jim Van Raemdonck
    Graphic Designers: Phoebe De Corte, Dries Caeckebeke
    Interns: Claar De Waele, Sil De Boeck
    Making off: Ludovica Saccenti
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    London-based illustrator and artist Martin Tomsky turns the dancing line of the pen into dynamic sculpture with his multi-layered woodcuts. See more on Hi-Fructose.

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    Shinichi Maruyama

     Born in Nagano, Japan in 1968, Shinichi Maruyama hurls black India ink into water and photographs the millisecond that these two liquids collide. Capable of capturing this phenomenon at a 7,500th of a second, Maruyama takes full advantage of a recent advancement in strobe light technology which can record physical events faster than the naked eye can perceive them. In the series Kusho, which means “writing in the sky,” Maruyama’s goal is to arrest in space and time the sublime intersection of two different media before they merge into one. In some respects, the project resembles a scientific experiment, but in Maruyama’s artistic hands, the total action becomes a form of Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) performance—with the gesture executed in the air rather than on the flat surface of the paper. “Once your brush touches paper, you must finish the character, you have one chance. It can never be repeated or duplicated. You must commit your full attention and being to each stroke. Liquids, like ink, are elusive by nature. As sumi ink finds its own path through the paper grain, liquid finds its unique path as it moves through air.” -Shinichi Maruyama Txt Via MyModernMet


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