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    Some More Stunning work from 

    Romain Laurent  

    I am a photographer. And a director.
    Living and working in New York City, born and raised in the french Alps.
    Every week I do a loop portrait and post it here.
    See my portfolio at www.romain-laurent.com
    Work inquiries: contact@romain-laurent.com

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    (Source: rebel6)

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    (Source: rebel6)

  4. annaCanton X Te Lapai 2014-2014,let’ welcome the fourth house of AC, and here with Estela, we creat a new brand “Te Lapai”, which fixed on a very cute price. It’s our first cooperation, and “The full size printing” is the item. Fabric: Size: 165/85S 170/90M 175/95L 180/100XL Price: $39.9. If forward this message, and pose our WeChat:annaCanton, you’ll get 30% discount. Students still could get 50% discount, but please remember to show your valid student ID.

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    A film by Ben Ridgway
    Cosmic Flower Unfolding is a constant flow of emerging and dissolving oceanic, futuristic, and mandala forms. It is a tribute to abstraction, it’s connection to the inner space we inhabit and how it can be externalized.

    SPECIAL PRESENTATION – SIGGRAPH 2013 Dailies| Anaheim, CA | summer 2013

    ROYAL REEL AWARD: Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada | March 2014

    Thanks to Colossal

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Photo: Dickerson
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    Garth Knight Artist

    Installations and Paintings with Exquisite detail





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